Grilled Pineapple Mojito

I love cocktails and mocktails for the holidays. There is nothing more fun than having a little something special to drink by the fire when decorating the Christmas tree or to bring along with you to a friend or family gathering. This cocktail can be made with or without alcohol […]


Water Infusions

Water is essential for our lives. We can live without food for about 3 weeks but without water, you would likely only survive for 3-4 days. It is something that many of us forget to drink on a regular basis. And by the time your body tells you it’s thirsty, […]


Green Goddess Smoothie

Nourishing our bodies can be challenging sometimes. Sometimes there can be a lot of mind chatter. Chatter about what to eat, how to eat it, and when to eat it. It can be downright discouraging sometimes. I make a vow to myself every morning that I will make a mistake today […]


Immune Boosting Refresher 

I love to nourish my body with home pressed juices on a regular basis. This is one of my go-to juice recipes for the winter to give my family’s immune system a boost when there are a lot of bugs flying around. I find it best to support my body […]


Elderberry Syrup

Elderberry Syrup is something my family has used every fall and winter for the past 5 years to keep our immune systems thriving when we get the sniffles or a cough. I have had elderberry trees growing all around me here in BC and didn’t have any idea what they […]

Summer Strawberry Basil Lemonade

The perfect hot day lemonade has arrived. I am a huge lover of basil! How ever I can get it into my belly I am a happy girl. This lemonade has a beautiful undertone of that basil. The sweetness of the strawberries takes a classic lemonade to a whole new […]


Watermelon Tea Slushies

Summers here in British Columbia, Canada is hot. I mean 104 degrees most days! To keep my girls and the family cool, we make lots of healthy summer treats that we can eat on a daily basis. Healthy eating is huge in this house. Being a Wellness Coach, I make sure my […]