Food Freedom Package

Have you been stuck in a mindset that constantly thinks about food?

Do you feel guilt and shame after eating foods that feel forbidden?

Do wish that food didn’t have a controlling grasp on you?

Do you find that you don’t go out as often and are pulling away from friends because you worry about what your body looks?

Are you constantly worried about being judged by others?

I have been there. And I want you to know that there is a way out. There is a life outside of thinking about food in a negative way. This package will help you explore what triggers these patterns of guilt and shame around food. When you get to the ROOT  cause of the reason(s) why you are obsessing over food, I can then help you shift your perspective and create new patterns of food love. Together we will develop a tailored plan to set you on your path to have your heart fully nourished, so food becomes your bliss, not your stress. 

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Emotional Eating Freedom Package

Do you find yourself secretly eating when no one is watching?

Do you find that you gravitate towards foods that you consider bad or forbidden?

Do you find yourself turning to food when you have a stressful day?

Does overeating always leave you feeling empty?

Do you feel like you hide your eating habits from others?

I have also been there. I felt there wasn’t any way to conquer my emotional eating. But I can confidently say there is! There is a life outside of this pattern of emotional eating. This package will help you explore what triggers these emotional eating patterns for you.  When we get to the core of what is driving you to eat, we can develop a tailored plan to set you on your path. Transforming the emotional eating into an emotional breakthrough.

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 Intuitive Food Eating Plans

 Are you tired of always looking for that next diet to go on?                                                             

Are you confused by all the contradictory information out there on what you should and should not eat?

Are you wanting to have freedom with food, while maintaining a healthy weight?


With guidance, you can find the tools to turn within.  This will allow you to follow your innate body wisdom and nourish it in a heart fully nourished way. This package will give you the freedom to help your body come back into perfect alignment. With time and effort, you will never have to turn to dieting again. The most important thing is this intuitive knowledge can be applied to all areas of your life. LIFE BY YOUR DESIGN.

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