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Immune System Best Kept Secret Reviled

Our Immune System is comprised of complex mechanisms in the body that can help fight off viruses and bacteria without our conscious thought. Many of us go into the cold and flu “season” with the fear of catching what is going around and find ourselves in a constant state of fear that something might “get us”!!  But the power doesn’t come from fear of what might be. Power comes from the surrendering to know that your body has the natural ability to heal and thrive easily and effortlessly if we help it along!

So what is the SECRET?  The secret is the power of our emotions and our subconscious on our immune health. Each and every time our body speaks to us with a cold, flu or other illnesses. It is our body’s way of sending us a very important message. Many of us, not intentionally, deny these messages and take cold/ flu drugs. When we deny these symptoms our bodies will speak to us with louder volume.  So then comes the next cold; the next infection; the immune disorder and each one speaks louder!!

So how do we decode these messages?  What can we do to help our IMMUNE SYSTEM THRIVE?

Our immune system begins to thrive easily and effortlessly when we look at health symptoms in our lives as messengers. When your body is speaking with a cold or flu, start to think about what is happening in your life and what has been happening recently.  Are you stressed, tired, worried, resentful or angry? Have you been feeling like life is all too much and too overwhelming? Do you have a little downtime and wonder when your free time is coming?  Is there little room for fun?  All these factors can greatly influence the ability of your body to naturally fight off viruses.

Most of the time our body is fighting a virus and we don’t even know it.  A perfect example of this is when everyone around you is sick with something and you remain healthy. So being exposed to these “germs” why aren’t you sick? It is because your body is in a place of harmony and was naturally able to disable the virus.  When someone is constantly getting sick their body and mind are usually stressed and the immune system isn’t able to ward off viruses. This is due to all the energy going into just keeping the body in homeostasis.

So now we want to learn what your body and mind are telling you. “Your Body Speaks Your Mind” by Deb Shapiro is an amazing resource for decoding the messages of your body. I am going to share with you two insights from her book:

Common cold –  Remember that one of the ways to understand an illness is by looking at its effects in your life.  In the case of a cold, this means that people will be steering clear of you and it is unlikely anyone will want to be intimate!  Is this what you really want?  Do you need some time to yourself to adjust to something?  Or is it the opposite: a cry for attention and affection because everyone seems to be taking you so much for granted? Do you need to become ill in order to be noticed and cared for?

Influenza- The flu bug will only affect you when your immunity is already low, so this is a good place to start looking for body mind causes. The word influenza means to “come under the influence of,” implying that someone or something is having a strong influence on you, perhaps making you doubt what you think or feel for yourself. This can undermine your sense of identity or purpose, and you need time to reconnect with your own feelings. Flu sends a clear message that a timeout is needed.  What psycho/emotional issues have you been repressing? Have you been increasingly intolerant or irritable?  What is disturbing you so deeply?

So knowing now that there is a hidden message behind every symptom, it is important to take notice every day how you are feeling. Sometimes we aren’t able to change our currents situations and circumstances in our lives, but we do have the POWER to change how we THINK and FEEL about them.And if you are in a space and place of negative emotions and thoughts most of the time, then it is time to make some positive changes. These changes can help your immune system thrive and live a glorious flourishing life!

Find someone to work through these emotions with. One of the most amazing ways I know is a technique called the “LifeLine TM Technique”. I am a practitioner of this amazing laser tool that helps you get to the root anybody symptom and allows it to transform.  When you give yourself the power to see an illness in space and place of love, your whole life will change for the better.


With love and Light

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