A short quiz to determine if you are:

  1. You eat when others turn their backs, and sneak the last chip. T/F
  2. You prefer to eat in the company of the TV. T/F
  3. You would rather eat at night in bed. T/F
  4. You find yourself feeling shameful when you eat in front of people. T/F
  5. When you are out you eat healthily,  but buy and eat a box of cookies on way home. T/F
  6. You feel like you are constantly trying to hide your eating habits from others. T/F
  7. You make constant trips to the fridge or cupboard for a small handful of something. T/F
  8. You have a stash of food somewhere and make trips to eat it secretly. T/F


I am sure that we all resonate with some of these. But if you answered yes to most of these questions know that you are not alone. I used to live most of my life this way. Having panic attacks if someone saw me eating anything but “healthy foods”. To avoid judgement from others I would hide and eat in secret. Cookies, chocolate and peanut butter were some of my secret foods. I found myself shovelling the food in as fast as I could before someone leapt out and caught me.

It doesn’t have to be this way for you. There is another way of eating that doesn’t have to end up behind closed doors putting on extra pounds that you feel guilty for later.

If you have identified with the “closet eating” do you wonder what you can do about it?

I have 5 steps that can help you to stop the “closet eater” before the fridge is empty.

      1. CHOOSE TASTE SATISFYING MEALS. When you are eating dinner, are you choosing something that is healthy but not satisfying? A salad with no protein or dressing because it might be fattening? Make sure that your meals are going to satisfy your taste buds. Make foods that can be healthy and also be delicious. If you want that creamy Alfredo pasta maybe look up an alternative recipe. Like Avocado based Alfredo sauce. Always create a meal that will satisfy your comfort needs.
      2. OPEN THAT DOOR AND LET SOMEONE IN. Allow yourself to have those closet foods with someone else. There is no better way to diffuse a guilt cycle with food than to share food with the ones we love with love. Have you ever noticed how an ice cream tastes way better when you are with a friend at the ice cream parlour? Then straight out of the bucket standing in front of the freezer? Make peace with one of the closet foods and eat it with someone you love. Make a positive memory with that food.
      3. LEARN HOW TO CONFORT YOURSELF WITHOUT FOOD. Find a new way to comfort yourself. We are usually reaching for food because we need to fill something or shut something off inside of us. Be in tune with why you are reaching for those foods. Just take a moment to notice how you are feeling. If you need to still eat. Go ahead. But sometimes that pause allows those feelings to dissipate and you no longer need to eat.
      4. KEEPING YOURSELF ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE DOOR. Make it your goal to no longer eat behind closed doors. Eat at the table. If you want a cookie, go get one, get a plate and sit down at the table and savour that cookie. The more mindful eating you can do the less you will need to eat and the more you will enjoy your food. It is hard to taste it when you are shovelling it in as fast as you can.
      5. ALWAYS BEING KIND TO YOURSELF. We merely react to reactions. Sometimes closet eating has been something that has helped you through some pretty tough times. And maybe it isn’t the best solution but for some reason, it has helped you. Make a vow to yourself that you are going to be kind to yourself like you would if you noticed your little girl eating hidden away. You wouldn’t shame or punish her. So don’t do that to yourself. Tell someone and create a PLAN of success. I would be happy to help you with that.

If you are able to implement these 5 easy steps then you are on your road to a much healthier and happier relationship with food. And natural weight loss will be the byproduct of your body coming back into harmony with hunger signals. If you ever feel like it is too much and spend the majority of your day thinking about food. PLEASE reach out to someone.I would be happy to help as I have been there. Know that there is a path to a life where food is just food without all the extra baggage :)

With love,


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