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Cravings for CHOCOLATE?! Learn what they are telling you.

Cravings for CHOCOLATE?!

Learn what they are telling you.

Driving home from work you give into the voice screaming STOP for some CHOCOLATE and pull into the nearest grocery store. As you walk down the grocery aisle, your anxiety eases as you see the chocolate bars, ice creams, cookies, and treats. You pick your favorites and head home vowing to yourself that you are going to wait until you get home to eat your goodies. Well, that was a bust, as you are grabbing the bag from the backseat on the first stop light. YOU JUST CAN’T WAIT!!! In a driving eating daze, you look down to discover that all your chocolate bar is gone. WHAT HAPPENED?!

We all get cravings. These cravings are actually a gift from your body and life, doing their very best to bring you back into balance if you are open to listening. So let’s learn what is the driving force behind a CHOCOLATE CRAVING.

How do you know if it is a physical or emotional craving??

Well, physical cravings build. You start to think about them, but the thoughts are not all consuming. They begin to develop slowly and don’t need immediate action. Emotional craving hijacks your mind taking over the wheel and to the nearest grocery store.

On a physical level chocolate is high in caffeine and sugar which can give you a boost when you are having an energy dip.  The spike in your blood-sugar picks you up like a gust of wind, immediately giving you that sense of relief. But, as fast as it picks you up it throws you down in a crash making you scream for MORE! Chocolate can also raise serotonin levels, which help combat depression, elevate mood, and PMS. When you are going to indulge in the cravings choose organic dark chocolate made with less sugar and real cocoa beans. This is the best way to get all the benefits for your body.

FOUR Emotional reasons why we crave chocolate.

  1. You want to be loved, but there is a perceived lack of love in your life. Eating chocolate takes your mind off all for a minute.
  2. You feel a lack of creativity in your life and chocolate fills this void.
  3. You don’t make time for yourself or make yourself a priority. When you buy chocolate, it is like giving yourself a treat and putting life on hold so you can be first for a moment.
  4. You hit your breaking point of being “GOOD” and you just want to kick up your heels and have a little fun.


Chocolate is not a bad thing! And craving and eating it while driving isn’t either! But if you find yourself on a regular basis needing to eat chocolate there might be something there to take a look at. Be a detective in your relationship with chocolate and find out what it is telling you. An excellent way to start is to journal while you are craving the chocolate and see how you are feeling when the craving comes on. What emotions might be driving your need to make that emergency chocolate stop?! Everything in our life that is speaking to us, has something to teach us if we listen. So go forth with an open heart and mind and ask yourself, WHAT IS THIS CHOCOLATE CRAVING TEACHING YOU??

Would love to hear what you have learned.

Shine your light always,

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