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Do you want to take your health food brand to the next level with beautiful food photography and healthy recipes to share with your customers? 


 With my years of experience working with health food brands, I listen to your unique vision and make it come to life with branding food photos and recipe development. 

Because of my background in nutrition, I am able to utilize my nutrition skills to make sure your products are made into a recipe that reflects health and wellness.

I have worked with many health companies and such as (Botanica, Sweetleaf, Mega Foods, Vista Magazines, Santevia, VeganTek and many more). I  helped each of them promote their unique brands through developing recipes and food photography to showcase their products.

I offer services in the following areas:

  • Food photography and styling.
  • Recipe development and revision.
  • Freelance food writing.
  • Sponsored Posts & Giveaways for IG and website.

For more information and to receive my rates and media kit please send me a message on my contact page.

Features and Publications

  1. Published photos, recipes and write up in Mantra Magazine summer issue 2017
  2. Published photos, recipes and write up in international Thrive Magazine spring 2018 issue.   
  3. My recipes have been featured on The Feed Feed website. 
  4. Published photos, recipes and articles in Vista Magazines in their Spring Cleaning Issue, Women’s Health Issue, and Rejuvenation issue.