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Fudgy Peanut butter Cashew Ice Cream

Want a low-carb refined sugar free delight?! This Fudgy Peanut Butter Cashew Ice Cream is so rich and creamy that it will satisfy anyone’s taste buds. No ice cream maker?! No problem, this recipe has an option for both! What makes this cashew ice cream so damn good?! Well, it […]

Raspberry Vegan Oat Bars

Back in the day, I used to love oat bars from my favorite coffee shops. I missed having my beloved oats bars but I no longer wanted to eat ones that were usually filled with butter, refined sugars, and white flour. I set out on a mission to make a […]

Chocolate Peanut Protein Bliss Balls

Peanut butter has always been one of my favorite foods. For a while, I had a serious love-hate relationship with it. Peanut Butter was a HUGE food trigger for me. I would want to buy it from the grocery store, I swear it called me by name. I would take the […]

Gluten Free Mint Brownies

My love for chocolate goes way back. As a child, I can remember putting a piece of chocolate in my mouth and letting it melt. The favors, the creaminess, the sweet and dark undertones made my mouth explode in a whole new way. I wanted more of this incredible delight, […]