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The best-kept secret of successful weight loss revealed.

I have had so many clients come to me for help to lose weight. Many, frustrated and defeated in their weight loss journies. That is why I want to share this best-kept secret of successful weight loss with you.

Listen, sister, I have been there! I have climbed the diet ladder to only fall off it over and over again. Losing weight can be so frustrating, intimidating, overwhelming and downright discouraging. So many people are unhappy with their current weight and feel helpless about how to change things. In this post, I am going to share my top weight loss secret, and it has nothing to do with diet and exercise. This simple yet profound secret has helped me, and many of my clients reach their body goals.

I can tell you that weight loss is not achievable by another fad diet or extreme exercise regime, but you already know this. You have put in the late-night workouts of punishment and salad dinners until they make you gag.

Let’s face it; the desire to lose weight usually starts from hating your body. You feel uncomfortable in your skin, and you want your BODY to change so you can feel better. Fair enough. But that is a lot of pressure, pressure on yourself and your body. This pressure is the number one reason you can’t lose weight and let me tell you why!

How can you stick to a healthy eating plan if you continuously hate yourself? How can you possibly get up early to go for that run or hike if you can’t stand the sight of your body in the mirror? Not many people are motivated by a loud boss yelling at them to perform. But if you had someone in your corner cheering you on, you are way more likely to succeed. I don’t mean a friend, your husband or your lover that is a bonus. I mean you!! YOU need to cheer yourself to the finish line every day! So how do you do this?!


So simple but so profound. So easy to say but hard to do. Do you even realize how many times in a day you put your body down? Just take notice for a day.

When you have a negative self-talk voice as loud a drill Sargent, screaming damaging words towards yourself and your body, you most likely will give up. You will say, “screw it,” and go for the container of ice cream. You won’t be able to take another day in your mind, and you will revert to old habits to stop that voice. Sigh, this is because when we change and start to do things differently, the negative voices get louder at first.


Replacing self-hatred with love is simple. Rather than losing weight because you hate yourself. DO it because you love yourself. The easiest way to do this is by creating a FEELING ACTION PLAN!

Feeling action plans is something I have brought into my life for the past 20 years. They have evolved and grown over the years, but they cover the same premise, HOW DO YOU WANT TO FEEL?! Most people look at my extremely funny when I ask them this question. They usually answer with,” I have always known what I want, but I have never thought about how I want to feel.”

So you want a six-pack, great, but how do you feel when you have it? I believe the external changes are the icing on the cake, but feelings of joy, happiness, contentment, confidence, and love are what you are genuinely searching for!!!

I have created two worksheets below to get your feelings out!! One is for how you currently feel. Because it is always eye-opening to see how we truly feel, and the next one is about how you want to feel.

Best kept Secret For Weightloss is in these worksheets:

Best Kept Secret of successful weight loss.

By doing the two worksheets, I hope you get a better understanding of your feelings and how they are making or breaking your weightloss.

The next time you don’t want to get up and do your workout, pull out your feelings of how you want to feel sheet and feel those feelings. Those feelings are your mini cheerleaders to help you reach and crush your weight loss goals. And by doing this exercise, you might even realize that your ideas and beliefs around weight loss have shifted and softened.

You are magnificent right here right now in this brilliant body. Make your love for yourself unconditional. Allow your feeling action plan towards your body, food, and weight loss to guide you. Weight loss goals are fantastic, but goals lead by feelings give your life a new purpose and meaning.

If you want some healthy nourishing recipes to go with your new glow check these out.

Let your body shine,

And I am always here for you!

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