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The NUMBER one Mistake Most People Make when it comes to WEIGHT-LOSS and how to fix it.

Many clients and a lot of women outside the office talk to me about wanting lose weight. They tell me that they have done this diet and that diet, fasted, exercised like a maniac, but still haven’t lost weight. When I ask most of them what happens when you are at your ideal weight. They tell me this beautiful story of what life is going to look like when they are thin. They will wear a bathing suit, play in the sand and buy some new clothes. Then I drop the bomb question as I call it, “what if you could have all that right now without having to lose a pound?” They always look at me like I am crazy and usually say, “well I can’t be like that right now because I won’t look good in that dress or bathing suit.” This is what I like to call THE BIG MISTAKE. WHY?!Because when you wait for something external like weight-loss to make you happy it is going to be a lot of crappy days stringed together until you do.

So this is my million dollar question, “what are you going to do with yourself when your current body isn’t up to snuff? And you just want to be a fitness model body already dammit”!! Well, the choice is really up to you. We make choices every day about how we are going to feel along our journey. Take this example into mind. You are driving on a road trip, it is a great day, the sun is shining, and you are on your way. Got the tunes pumping and you are singing along tapping to the beat of the song, and you think to yourself, ‘this is going to be a kick-ass day’. Same scenario different choice. You are driving along on a road trip and that damn sun is blasting you in the face, the radio these days seem to just play crappy music?! ARRG What time is it? You should have just stayed home and not done this road trip. These examples represent same scenario different choices. You are in the driver’s seat of your ideal self-journey and you can spend the whole trip bashing on the steering wheel because you are not there yet OR you can choose to rock out all along the way. I know that you are thinking, ‘easier said than done Crystal you haven’t seen how far I have to go, I can’t be happy with where I am’. I want you to know that you CAN and let me tell you why.BECAUSE YOU HAVE A CHOICE!!

I remember when I hated my body so much that I just got bigger. I would punish myself with food and then I would tell myself that I can’t go to the beach until I lost some weight. It really took a lot for me to literally throw up my arms and say “Fu*K it” I just want to play at the beach without having to be “thin” already. I started to live life like I was the girl with the killer body. Yup, the good old fake it till you make it principle. But that is what I did and it totally worked for me. I stopped banking on things that were yet to come on my weight-loss journey and I took on a more real-life approach. You can too!! I found the more that I allowed myself to get out there and buy that hot dress no matter what my size just because I looked DAMN good in it, it made me feel better. And the better I felt the better I ate. And the better I ate the more I wanted to exercise. And the more I wanted to exercise the more weight fell off. BUT>>>> I didn’t have to do all that stuff like I was stuck in a prison with a weight-loss sentence, rather I was driving that car with the tunes blasting and the workouts and healthy eating felt fun.

So I want to leave you with an action to take today. DO ONE THING that makes you feel SCARED a little like you might poop your pants lol. It might even be going to treat yourself to a new dress, might be hitting the beach, could be rocking out a bikini for the first time, or eating a new creative meal. Whatever it is that THING is for you that is going to get you to show yourself that you are a ROCK STAR, where you are right now in this moment and that’s all you need to do.

Please share your experiences I always love to hear, and all those other bad ass ladies out there would love to hear your inspiration too!!!

Love and Light

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